June 26, 2024

Listen to the Song Here!

If you own a social media account, you've heard Wuki - Sunshine (My Girl), I guarantee it. The numbers across the various platforms are impressive. The song has been used over 600K times, across social media platforms and generated over 1.5B+ views! This instantly recognizable infectious groove is the brainchild of Kris Barman (Wuki), a Denver-based DJ/Producer known for his genre-blending style. Since its release in September of 2023, Sunshine (My Girl) has garnered over 76M + Global streams and continues to grow and grow. As the summer heats up, so does this track. Over the past 16 weeks, the song has continued to pick up steam, recently garnering its highest streaming week ever on Spotify with 1.9 million streams, an increase of 5% worldwide!

What's In-Store Music is proud to play a part in this project. Since its release, we've contributed roughly 800,000+ in-store plays across 30,000 locations. Currently playing more than 23,000 a week, programmers have committed to increasing their weekly plays, based on all the information. Not only is Wuki a talented DJ/Producer, but he is also a clever content creator. He has a series called "Beats I Can't Release", you gotta check out. With all this going on there's no question, 2024 is quickly becoming the Summer of Wuki! Thanks so much to Virgin Music's Ben Friedlander and Thrive Music's Michael Cariglio for allowing us to be part of this special project.

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