- Danielle Juhre

- Tryon

Paul Loren - Independent Artist

Without Retail Radio and What’s In-Store Music, my holiday song would not have seen the traction it did. It received an incredible amount of plays, and even more love from new fans, all thanks to them! Both Retail Radio and WISM have become an integral part of our distribution strategy; they are that rare mix of professional, results-oriented and easy to work with. Thank you, What’s In-Store Music and Retail Radio.

Ethan Gold - Independent Artist

I had just bought a waterproof phone case to do some underwater photography, maybe for a music video, and was walking out after paying, and it almost seemed like the music in my head that I ‘hear' regularly, until my brain turned and realized it wasn’t in my head. My music was softly playing through the huge big box Best Buy, and echoing invisibly on the warehouse-like ceilings. I pointed my phone up to film it in a circle, finding the speakers… Until security came to ask why I was filming, and if I was casing the place… maybe for a robbery later… I said, no, they’re playing my song, and the security guy softened. But he must have thought I meant 'my favorite song', the kind of song you send to someone you love when it’s ‘your song’, because he asked, “Oh, cool, who’s it by?” I said, “No, it’s MY song.” At that point he lit up as if I was an old friend who’d just won the lottery, and threw me big fist bump.

Mike Johnson - Weirdo Workshop, LLC

What's In-Store Music has been really beneficial to our campaign and we'd love to continue our efforts for you for Weirdo Workshop in 2018.

John Weston - Manager/Erin Bowman

We saw an immediate impact on our Shazam numbers once we placed Erin Bowman's “Good Time Good Life” in the What’s In-Store Music Program with a one day increase of more than 50%!

What’s In-Store Music has been instrumental in helping us connect the dots to our TV and radio campaign.

Andy McQueen, Ken Komisar - Chairman of The Notting Hill Music Group, President of Notting Hill Music Management, LLC

When we heard Mackenzie Sol’s new single, “Laugh”, blasting out in a packed Best Buy on Memorial Day we fully realized the powerful reach of What’s In-Store Music and Retail Radio particularly for new artists needing that all-important initial exposure. When you consider that this is also occurring in countless other stores across the country and not just in isolation in Hollywood it’s impossible to view What’s In-Store Music as anything other than an essential ingredient in any artist’s marketing mix!

Dan Michaels - SVP Marketing & Promotions FairTrade Services, LLC

After learning that MercyMe’s single was heard hundreds of thousands of times in hundreds of markets around the country, I’ve decided What’s In-Store Music and Retail Radio need to be a regular addition to my marketing plans. It pays to work with industry pros and great guys like Bob and Scott.


Referring to PREP - "Turn The Music Up"

Braden Merrick - Bright Antenna Records

Hi Bob, “Turn the Music Up” at radio has expired. My wife heard the song in Whole Foods in Portland, Maine last week!

I think both songs Shazam 300-400 times a week as a result of the in-store airplay.

Angela Predhomme

I'm getting more hits on my holiday song video of "Warmest Wish For You", and most are from people searching for it. No doubt it's because of What's In-Store Music!

Jack Heine - Nettwerk Management US, Inc.

Heard Andreas Moe at the Glendale Galleria this weekend. Instantly thought, 'Good job, Scott and Bob!

Davis Mallory - Independent Artist

What's In Store was a very rewarding program for me as an independent artist. It was exciting to see that my original Christmas song "Box it Up" was played over 500,000 times in retail stores across America and hear from friends and family around the US that they heard my song played! In a time where terrestrial radio campaigns can be very expensive and unpredictable - it's great to have a company like What's In Store that can get your song played and have people listen as they shop!

Ashley Furst

THANK YOU for all you do! The most exciting thing happened this weekend (at least for me & my family). My Parents visited their local Storage Facility to grab Christmas decorations from their locker. And the Storage Facility was playing my "Santa Baby!!" At first I thought my parents just buttered up the owner w/ a plate of cookies / hard copy of my Sony Christmas CD - but they said it's a new Storage Facility / they don't know the owners. Thank you "What's In Store Music!" Your footprint is ever expanding, (Even if it was Spotify, I know "What's In Store" influences many retailers around the nation)


Where would artists be without What’s In-Store Music?

Margo Rey - 8x Billboard Top 20 Charted Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer

Where would artists be without What’s In-Store Music? Finally, a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial platform that puts more control and promotion directly in the hands of the artist via the fine curating of Bob & Scott, owners of What’s in-Store Music . What’s In-Store Music garners the artist broad as well as targeted exposure and airplay that serves as wonderful medium to build the artist’s brand. I am so appreciative and delighted with the results!

Caroline Boursereau - Marketing Manager, The End Records

Thanks to What’s In-Store Music and Retail Radio Eklipse “Carol of the Bells” had more than 150K plays in major U.S. retail stores!

John Weston - Artist Manager

Hey Bob & Scott
As you know "Fake Friends" has cycled through and is decreasing in activity of streams and sales. With that in mind, your increase in stores to your panel immediately gave "Fake Friends" a bump, increasing streams by 6.4% and sales by 14.2% over the previous week. Pretty impressive considering "Fake Friends" is on a 2-3% decrease each week.
BTW - On Spotify this past week, "fake Friends" combined with "Fake Ass Friends" just went over 1,000,000 streams last week. All organically - with no Spotify playlists, just people finding it through airplay and What's In-Store Music.
Once again What's In-Store Music is making a difference.

Alan Hensley

"This is awesome. The streams keep piling up and can see weekly reaction on Shazam!!!"

* Response upon receiving his latest What's In-Store Music report for Destructo & TroyBoi - "You're the One for Me"

Peggy Dold - Navigation Partners LLC

We couldn’t be happier with the support and exposure What's-In-Store-Music has provided for Rachel Price. As we all know, with a new artist, the key to career development is getting the music heard in as many places, and by as many people, as possible. This is a valuable service for all genres and levels of musical artists!

Jerry Lembo - President Jerry Lembo Entertainment Group

Josh Taerk’s 'All I Want For Christmas' generated nearly a half million plays in Holiday play! In a time where terrestrial radio campaigns can be very expensive and unpredictable, it's great to have a company like What's In Store Music that can get your song played and have people listen as they shop!

When looking for a service that could enhance the profile of my clients songs, What’s In-Store Music provided significant impressions that met the above criteria.

To date, the clients I have referred to What’s In-Store Music reported their results have exceeded expectations and for that alone, they have my endorsement.

Hundred Handed

We’re going to have to get out of the studio and start doing some more shopping! Our friends and fans keep sending us videos of themselves in stores dancing to Vibe and Celebrate. What’s In-Store is sneakily turning every store in the country into a dance floor… We’re in! Meet us by the underwear.

Rick DeJesus - Adelitas Way

Had a friend hear "Tell Me" in AT&T ... you are a bad ass, my friend! We are rocking! We are hitting radio with the song as we speak!

Jennifer Lyneis - President/UE3 Promotions

I wanted to give you an update this morning on Jerad Finck. I got your report and a few things have happened since we started the Hair Cuttery Program.

His followers on Spotify have jumped over 2k which is really hard to make happen because a lot of people don't follow a page they save the song in their playlists so this has to be from Hair Cuttery promo. Streams on all songs in Hair Cuttery have jumped.

In addition, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have seen a significant jump and he is number 16 on the iTunes Alternative chart and had 1500 sales since the program has been running. This is absolutely incredible. Let me know if any other stores will be offering this.

Please let Shawn know how thrilled we are!


Referring to April Rose Gabrielli - "Do You?"

John Velasco - CEO, MD25 Entertainment

Hey Scott, On behalf of April Rose Gabrielli and me I’d like to thank you for your service. It has increased the Shazam inquiries and is keeping all rolling for us. Looking forward to moving to the new single shortly.