How It Works

Every week we go over new releases one at a time, ensuring that we have the programmer’s full attention with each song. It’s during this meeting we listen to the music together and go over any information the client wishes to share. We discuss the positives a long with any concerns the programmers may have. Once that’s complete, we get the final yea or nay on the submission.


Next up, existing projects. For this we encourage our clients to forward any marketing materials, one-sheets, etc. so we may review them during our meetings. Programmers find this information useful when deciding whether to potentially increase the plays on a song.


A successfully submitted song will immediately begin the process of filtering into retail location playlists. While preparing for this step, each song is given a series of tags, based on a variety of factors. These tags are used to help ensure the right style of music reaches its desired location. This provides the opportunity for your song to be heard in a wide range of retailers


Once your song has filtered in and is playing in stores, What’s In-Store Music will provide a weekly metro report, showing how many in stores plays your song received in each market from the previous seven days. You’ll also be able to monitor you progress on our What’s In-Store Music Charts, published exclusively on