February 14, 2024

January 24th, 2024
at Adults Only in Hollywood, CA

Holy Cow, what a voice!!! The audience had no idea what they were in for when L3V3L Music recording artist VELLA took the stage at Adults Only in Hollywood. By the end of her first song, they sure did, and boy did they respond. It's been a while since I've seen a new indie artist take command of a room like that. She had EVERYBODY grooving along with her high-energy set of powerful, soulful tunes from start to finish. All I could think while I was watching was, "Boy, I'm glad I'm not up next". I wouldn't want to follow her on my best day. What's In-Store Music has played several Vella releases including "Sky Without Stars", "Rumors" and "Happiness" and it was a lot of fun to hear them live and see how the audience reacted. Make sure to keep an ear out for this amazing young talent…She's got new music coming out this year and it is AWESOME!!! Big Thank you to Ray De La Garza for sharing this amazing artist with me.

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