October 18, 2023

October 7th at The Sphere in Las Vegas, NV

It's been a busy concert week for What's In-Store Music's Bob Catania and wife Karen. They ventured to Las Vegas last week to see U2 on October 7th at The Sphere…the dynamic new venue that has taken the city by storm. U2 holds a special place for Bob as back in his days at Island Records he ran the promotion campaigns for four of their albums including The Josuha Tree. Bob & Karen were excited to see the band but to also experience The Sphere and what the show promised to entail…and both went above any of what could be expected. The band was in fantastic form and played their Achtung Baby album in it's entirety plus a selection of their biggest hits. Each song was accompanied by a projection onto the inside of The Sphere that complimented the song and gave it that much more impact. Check out the photos of The Sphere and be sure to click on the link below to get an idea of just how spectacular the performance was. Bonus for the night was checking out the suite below us with Lady GagaBrad PittEddie Vedder; and George Clooney…we got George to wave but never an invite to hang out!!!

Check out a clip from the show HERE!