May 10, 2023

The Sacramento State House, May 4th, 2023 

May The 4th Be With You. If you logged on to social media last Thursday, basically every other post you scrolled through had a clever meme featuring a Star Wars character in some sort of humorous situation with that tagline, an obvious play on words for May The Force Be With You from the Iconic film series. Fans of all ages love Star Wars with different degrees of dedication. Some collect action figures; others build LEGO models of various starships, and the real hardcore fans enjoy COSPLAY where they dress up like their favorite characters. It's from this last group that this week's OUT & ABOUT originates.

25 years ago LUCAS FILMs started an international organization called the 501st Legion. The organization is made up of superfans whose costumes have been vetted and deemed "Screen Accurate". These fans are then approved to represent the franchise at various charity events. They visit children's hospitals, etc. bringing cheer and the joy of STAR WARS to them. Our great friend and partner Shawn Cash (founder of Retail Radio and manager of audio services for ROCKBOT) is a member of the 501st.

Last week The State of California officially declared 5/4 as STAR WARS day and took the opportunity to honor the California Garrison (Star Wars nerds will understand the reference) of the 501st for 25 years of charitable service. On hand were several members in their costumes including our very own Mandalorian Shawn Cash!!!

To learn more about this amazing organization check out their website HERE!