September 13, 2023

Hollywood, CA September 6, 2023

It was another terrific night of talent at the WFNM (We Found New Music, with Grant Owens) Showcase. Located in the Ziggy Hotel, in Hollywood, where a stable of talented young artists gathered to entertain the masses. We were there to support What's In-Store Music artist Taylor Jules. Accompanied by her band, Max Meeder (guitar) and Ethan Ginsberg-Margo (keyboards) She kicked off the evening with her single "Helicopter", before testing out some new ones in the room. This girl is a natural and can really belt out a tune. Her songwriting was relatable to many present who showed their appreciation with several rounds of applause. When You're Out & About make sure to keep SHAZAM handy, as "Helicopter" plays overhead in stores, and make sure to check out her latest single "Adickted" wherever you get your music. Thank you, to our good friend, Jen Lyneis of UE3 Promotions for turning us on to the wonderful talent.

For all things Taylor Jules, click HERE!