February 7, 2024

January 16th, 2024
At the Hotel Ziggy in West Hollywood, CA

Traffic on the 101 freeway was horrible and I was afraid I was going to miss her set, but as luck would have it they were running a little late at the WFNM (We Found New Music) showcase at The Hotel Ziggy and I walked in just in time to catch the opening notes of Sheer Haimov's set. I'm sure glad I did. The two words I would use to describe her singing style would be effortless and smooth. This young Israeli singer had the room eating out of the palm of her hand from the moment she grabbed the mic. She performed a wonderful set of original tunes, my two personal favorites were "Loaded" and "Bad Girl", both sung beautifully with just the right amount of attitude. Keep an eye out for this talented young lady and catch her set while tickets are still affordable because one day they won't be. Big thanks to Jen Lyneis and Audrey Pine Wright for turning me on to this amazing artist.

For all things Sheer Haimov, use the link HERE!