September 27, 2023

Monday 9/11/23 Sacramento, California

Overhead music audio managers, they're just like us. They go to work, they do chores around the house, they coach their kid's teams, and naturally, they take those same kids to see the sold-out Jonas Brothers Tour when they come to town! That's exactly what RockBot Manager, Audio Services, Shawn Cash did with his family when the boys came to Sacramento as part of their "Five Albums - One Night" tour. Over the years Shawn has programmed Jonas Brothers music, giving them millions of In-Store plays across thousands of retail outlets, first with Retail Radio, then Spectrio, and more recently with RockBot. Finally! He was able to see them live after all this time. It was actually a twofer for Shawn, as he was able to catch the opening act, Lawrence, whose song "Don't Lose Sight" has also received millions of plays on Shawn's watch.