July 12, 2023
WPIX NEWS, New York, June 6th, 2023 

This Week's Out & About features What's In-Store Music artist, Kayden. On a recent visit to New York, this talented young singer/actress sat down with the folks at WPIX News. While they were there, they discussed her new sitcom "The Villains of Valley View", (season 2 debuted on 6/15/23 on Disney + and The Disney Channel), as well as her new single "Meant To Be", which drops this Friday 7/14!!! Thanks to our buddy (and Kayden manager), John Weston for turning us on to this special talent, when she was just getting started. It's been fun to watch her career take off!!!

WPIX TV Kayden Interview
'The Villains of Valley View' premiered on Disney + and the Disney Channel

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