September 20, 2023

Hollywood, CA September 6, 2023

It was another terrific night of talent at the WFNM (We Found New Music, with Grant Owens) Showcase. Located in the Ziggy Hotel, in Hollywood, where a stable of talented young artists gathered to entertain the masses. This was where we were introduced to the Phoenix-based, brother-sister Americana band of Sophie and Alex, collectively known as Dorsten. This was their very first show ever in Los Angeles, but it clearly wasn't their first show ever. The two showed no signs of nerves as they took the stage. Their set included the new single "To The River", dropping on September 29th, as well as a great unreleased track called "Losing It". Both songs will be available on the group's forthcoming EP "To The River" available wherever you get your music on November 3rd. Thank you, to our good friend, Jen Lyneis of UE3 Promotions for turning us on to this Dynamic Duo!

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