Photo credit: Sam Monendo

April 19, 2023
In the Photo from Left to Right: Dan Buckley (PD), Nick Sampston (senses drummer), Madison Taylor (senses lead vocals), Josh Bissell (senses guitarist), Stephanie Lesher (Assistant MD), Rev Keith Coes (MD), Dan Pearson (Lakeside), and Eric Tyler (Lakeside)
Photo credit: Joseph Llanes

Many musicians/acts are out there on the road working hard, but none harder than What's In-Store Music artist senses. This week's Out-and-About follows the band on a recent visit to Nashville, where they burned the candle at both ends. The first part of the day was spent at Lightning 100 where they participated in a live stream, on-air, acoustic performance. Later that night, the band did what they do best and wowed the crowd at The Basement East! Make sure while you're Out & About to keep your phone out and SHAZAM handy as senses - "Sleepwalking", plays overhead in stores everywhere.

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