February 7, 2024

As many of you reading this know by now, the It Takes A Village feature is based on phone calls I have with clients who are looking for other services besides mine. This week I'm going to share my secret weapon with you. Codi Quick is a superhero without a mask and a cape. Her company Quick Business Resolutions, based out of Spokane, WA, is a small business one-stop shop for all your office needs. They take care of everything so you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time growing your business. They handle bookkeeping, web design, mailing, graphic design, EVERYTHING. I've been working with them for several years now and I lean on them every day. When I ask them to handle a task, I never have to wonder if it will be completed. It just is, and promptly. The employee assigned to me whom I affectionately refer to as Julia GBT, keeps me in line and organized. I couldn't run What's In-Store Music without Codi and her team. I highly recommend them, but I will warn you right now if you end up hiring them and you take up so much of their time that it affects me, Imma cut you!

Take it away Codiā€¦

I started my career in the virtual world as a freelance copy editor for multiple publishing companies. While working with authors, I discovered my passion for helping small business owners succeed in the online world. By lending my help to small business owners, they could focus their efforts where they were needed most . . . running their business!

I started my virtual assistant agency (QBR) after watching so many small business owners need better help to pursue and reach the dreams of their businesses. I have spent years researching best practices and creating systems and procedures to have an amazing team. Outsourcing and delegating are part of business procedures that must be learned. I wanted to simplify processes for business owners and give them a true team and "one-stop shop" to be able to get more of their to-do lists done with more success and less stress.

Since the beginning of QBR, my passion has been helping small business owners and entrepreneurs focus on their passion and gifts. With a team behind me, we could offer more services (admin, marketing, websites, automation, social, etc) and support. Now, I get to spend more of my time consulting with these small business owners and let my team shine managing the day-to-day, cause they are pretty spectacular.

In every It Takes Village segment, I always like to ask what your superpower is, and what makes you great at what you do.

My superpower is probably that I genuinely don't think I have one. But I have a ton of passion and, we will say, grit, instead of stubbornness. Both led me to become an efficient problem solver. You have no idea how many business owners ask me how can I make xxx happen? Or I wish there was a way to do xxxx! I took those as a challenge, and whether using technology to automate something or reworking their strategy and process, I would work until I found a way to give them a better solution.

To learn more about Codi and Quick Business Resolutions and how they can make your life infinitely better, click the banner below!