August 2, 2023

It was just over two years ago, we were saying to Dan Pearson over at Lakeside Entertainment Group, how impressed we were with his new client, LAWRENCE. The band had just released the single, "Don't Lose Sight", which later debuted and spent several weeks on the top 40 charts. An aggressive marketing plan, which included a campaign with What's In-Store Music, and their amazing Hotel TV Tour, which we will speak more about in a minute*. A Microsoft Surface TV placement, A late-night performance on Jimmy Kimmel, a slot at Coachella that received rave reviews, multiple sold-out shows in Central Park, and much, much more have led the band to this place right here, which is the opening act for the entire four-month Jonas Brothers tour!!!

8- piece, soul-pop band LAWRENCE, led by sibling duo, Clyde and Gracie Lawrence are joining the Jonas Brothers on The Tour.

"We can't wait to head out on tour with the Jonas Brothers. We had the honor of doing some work on their new album and we're excited for the fans to hear this incredible new music - and we're super excited to be able to play in front of their amazing fans every night!"

*To get a taste of the band before you see them this summer, check out the trailer for Lawrence - The Hotel TV Show (DOCUSERIES) which debuts tomorrow!!!