Without You by HARIZ ft. Andi

January 24, 2024

"This song really lives two lives- I started writing the song a few months after breaking up with my ex. It was a challenging time learning to be by myself again, but in a moment of clarity I realized I wasn't just okay, I was actually doing better without her. It inspired me to write an anthem celebrating the independence from someone you once thought you couldn't live without. But, as time passed, the song evolved, it began to symbolize a broader liberation-from bad habits, negative thoughts, and all the things that used to drag me down. 'Without You' is more than a personal narrative; it's a universal declaration for anyone burdened by their own struggles. It's a defiant proclamation: "I'm doing better without you!" This song is an empowering reminder that sometimes, what we leave behind is what lets us move forward." - HARIZ

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