VooDoo by Shab x Fat Joe

October 11, 2023

"It takes me back to a time in my life when music became super important to me and I began to shape my artistic direction. LEAN BACK was one of the songs that really grabbed my attention and still to this day brings back so many memories and emotions of great times. And of course, being able to collaborate with a HipHop legend like Joe and to incorporate this iconic beat was so special for me. It started with the thought of reworking LEAN BACK? It’s one of my favourite beats ever and I remember first going clubbing and every time that track would get played it would be an instant party starter. The two tracks -- SPELL ON ME and LEAN BACK -- work seamlessly with each other and Fat Joe’s new verse is fire. It’s a track I’m super excited about. Hip-hop and R&B were my earliest influences growing up in Baltimore. Clubbing in D.C. then exposed me to the world of dance and techno music. Texas introduced me to rock & country music so my musical education is always getting a ‘software update’. And I grew up with Middle Eastern beats and sensibilities. Accordingly, having been exposed to so many different genres I’m able to pull from all kinds of musical inspiration." - Shab

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