Steady by Band of Silver

July 10, 2024

"'Steady' is about staying the course through difficult times. Hope and perseverance are topics I tend to come back to in songwriting, but I like checking in and seeing where I’m at with those emotions. With 'Steady' I felt a calm sense of resolve. Like accepting my situation and moving forward no matter what. The instrumental was based off of some synthwave we had been listening to at the time, specifically the artist Home. We heard of Home through speedrunning history YouTuber, Summoning Salt, so we decided to throw in a reference to “record time” in the verse. Some of the other verse lyrics were inspired by me envisioning a rocking ship when I heard the instrumental. A fun fact about the song is that our dad sings on the bridge. For gang vocals it’s best to have a bunch of people singing, so we got him in the vocal booth since he was already at the studio with us watching the production process. Now he tells everyone that he’s a singer on the radio, which is technically true."
- Band of Silver

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