Lonely Eyes by Charlie Oxford

June 7, 2023

"I wrote "Lonely Eyes" one day after thinking about the thought of taking a chance. Whether that be in your professional or your personal life. So like I do most, I got in the studio and started messing around with sounds and eventually had the instrumentation for the song generally mapped out in a few hours. Then my co-writer Cameron Bedell came over and we started talking about this concept. So we sculpted a story of a guy who keeps running into the same girl at the same place over and over. Notices that she's with someone but somehow can also tell that she's really not all-in with that person. So with a little gusto and a little liquid courage this is his moment to take the shot. It's a dance between body language and how people can read each other before ever saying a word. The recording process for this was really fun. The guitars took a while to do just to get the inflections just right on the upbeats. I mapped out the drums and then my drummer Chris came over to help fine tune the ideas in the rhythm knocking on random things in the studio to create more character in the beat. I don't write a lot in this time signature either but it was a blast to make!" - Charlie Oxford

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