In The Movies by Davis Mallory

February 7, 2024

"I am a big fan of Swedish pop-star Benjamin Ingrosso's work - and in 2022 my manager setup a session for me at TEN Music Group in Stockholm, Sweden - the label & publisher for Benjamin Ingrosso, Zara Larsson & Icona Pop. The producer of "In the Movies" and I had written one song before ("American Boy") a 2023 WISM song - and on our second day of songwriting - I told Gustav that I wanted to write a song in the same vibe as Benjamin's hit song "Dance You Off" for which he competed on Eurovision with). So we wrote (along with Cecelia Mix of Catapult Music publishing) a song called "In the Movies" - to my surprise at the end of the day when the song was nearly completed, Benjamin Ingrosso popped into our studio room to say hello to Gustav - I was so surprised and a bit star stuck - seeing as how I had used his song as a reference point for the day - it was a surreal moment - and a cool one - ironic at that. The song was chosen in 2023 to be featured in the QueerX Awards show put on by REVRY TV - so I had my own television performance of the song last year." - Davis Mallory

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