I Ain't Mad by Elysia Marie

January 17, 2024

"'I Ain't Mad' is a song about a break up, and getting betrayed. The track is a fun take on a sad situation. We have all dealt with some form of heartbreak at some point. I have definitely experienced some tough relationships; that did not end well; and this song is about that; but with an empowering twist! In the midst of being disappointed, you can also be confident in knowing that on the other side of heartbreakā€¦ is your best season yet. The song is a reminder to MOVE ON, and remember who you are, and what a strong person and gift you are to the world! Enjoy the adventure of what is to come, and what life has to offer without the weight of the people not meant for your life in it. It is really refreshing to be able to sing and release this song after having already lived it, and experienced the other side of life and love, and the fruitfulness of knowing your worth." - Elysia Marie

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