Hope by Alya

July 3, 2024

"On my way to the studio to work on some of my records. I had such a heavy heart because of some of the morning news, and I thought everywhere we turn, there's chaos, pain, and destitution. When I got to the studio I told my partner we had to write something to address this in our own way... Within 30 min we had a full song of "Hope". There's a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that became so true with this song because it was one of the most effortless songs I've ever written and when we finished, we knew we had something so special that the entire world needed to hear and be reminded that although the world is under a spell of sorry and confusion, there's still "Hope". Each of us can turn the despair and pain around and began to shine light in this dark world through one kind act at a time. No matter what your situation is.. There is 'Hope'"
- Alya

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