"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" by Rosco Johnny

September 22, 2022

Years ago, before they were a band, Tiffany wanted to give her parents a very special Christmas gift. She wanted to make a recording of her and her brother, Morgan, singing some of their parent's favorite Christmas songs. She and Justin were dating at the time (now married) and since he knew a little bit about recording (and we do mean a little bit), she enlisted his help in laying down the instruments and recording the vocals. So one cold December afternoon, they all squeezed together into Justin's college apartment bedroom and began recording the first track, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas". This was the first song the three of them ever recorded together.

Fast forward to present day, here we are, a new band deciding on what songs to include on our upcoming Christmas record. We thought it only fitting that the song that started it all be included. We've always loved this song because It recognizes that there are troubles we all face, but invites the listener to "Let your heart be light". The key word there is "let"…to allow yourself the opportunity to experience joy and hope. That is something we all need after the year we have had, and we pray this song brings you the same warmth, hope, and good memories it has brought us.

- Justin, Tiffany, Morgan

Rosco Johnny