Broken Heart Last by Drew Angus

August 30, 2023

"Broken Heart Last" explores themes of heartbreak, falling out of love, relationship turmoil, and more. When the dust settles from a breakup, some days become better than others, but it still hurts when the positive memories of your relationship come flooding back. "Broken Heart Last" provides validation and comfort to listeners who have experienced that crushing post-breakup headspace.
The lyrics behind "Broken Heart Last" are an upbeat interpretation of the fated question, "How long does a broken heart last?" This track was co-written with New York-based songwriter Matt Giella during the pandemic - an era of hardship in both Drew and Matt's lives. At the time, Matt was coping with his divorce while Drew was dealing with a breakup. The duo created "Broken Heart Last" from each of their experiences with failed relationships and the endless pain tied to those sentiments."

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