BICY by DAMOYEE, Annie Elise

April 5, 2023

"BICY, pronounced like spicy, is an acronym coined by acclaimed multi-hyphenate artist DAMOYEE, which stands for Boy I'm Craving You. She co-wrote the song with her closest collaborator, Annie Elise. The two met during their freshman year at Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music. BICY is relatable, at least for college girls who are crazy about their boyfriends. Simply put - it's about leaving campus going home on breaks not being able to be with your boyfriend until you return, and all the dreadful emotions that come with that. Poised to be included in the track listing for DAMOYEE's highly-anticipated studio album, BICY is a dreamy, euphoric electropop tune with all the feels you'd expect from the singer whose vocals have been categorized as angelic, ethereal, flawless, and luminous. The rousing beat makes you feel like you're getting closer and closer, one step at a time, to the lover you miss and hope to be back with soon.

"I'm very grateful that God and the universe brought me and Annie Elise together. I had been praying and searching for a collaborator and friend to partner with to create the sound I wanted for this new era of my career. We both appreciate dreamy, synth soundscapes, both classically trained and deeply in love with music, both happened to be in college at the same time and at the time we made the song, were madly in love with and missing our boyfriends when we would go back home for breaks... BICY is a very fun song and it's gonna make you miss your lover too." - DAMOYEE

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