better than this by senses

April 10, 2024

"Our new single 'better than this' is a feel-good pop rock song telling the story of a not feel-good situation. When writing the song, we were talking about the struggles in our own lives and how so many other people deal with those same struggles every day too – such as making ends meet, paying ever-increasing rent, mental health, work pressures, etc. Sometimes it’s all just overwhelming and it feels like there’s no end in sight. Instead of taking the song down a darker route melodically, we wanted to flip it on its head and make it this fun, high-energy track so that everyone can just let it all go. The lyrics might be saying one thing, but the way the music moves just makes you feel this other way, so it’s almost like this chance to just “dance it out” and try to feel good in the moment. Trying to make something positive out of something that doesn’t feel so positive. We had a lot of fun making this song and just really let the music lead us where it ended up." - senses

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