May 22nd, 2024

Lead Story


Lauren Daigle
"Be Okay"
On Atlantic/Centricity


"Title" #


"Title" #

Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist

Hayes Warner + Billy B ft. Kevin Rudolf

"Just A Girl"

Apollo LTD

"A Day In The Life"

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Added at Planet Fitness

The Moore Twins

"The Way"

The BreakBomb Project


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What's In-Store Music Artists have been heard in these fine locations!
Judah & the Lion
"Long Dark Night"
From The Album "The Process"
On Cletus the Van Records

"About the Song"

- Artist

Dionya Marie
"Miss You So Mad"
On Billeegee Productions
On the Move

Keep an ear out for these terrific songs playing overhead in stores everywhere.

Atomic Tom


Band of Silver


Jacquelyn Schreiber



"Swimming in The Glow"

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Video of the Week:
Adam Music Project
"Free To Be Me"
Halston Dare
"Congratulations On Your Breakup"
From The EP "it's not me, it's you"
On Thirty Tigers
Out & About



Have a great week,

Scott Emerson