March 13th, 2024

2024 Continues To Be
An Amazing Year for In-Store Play

2024 was off to a great start in January in terms of instore play with an amazing crop of great artists submitting songs. We're pleased to report, that trend hasn't slowed down one bit, with a terrific group of major label artists and indie acts across a wide variety of genres now beginning to play overhead as well, Including many first-time clients. Make sure you have your phone handy while you're out & about and keep an ear out for them. Here are some we are excited to share with you.


"Brain Damage"

Jackie Evancho

"Behind My Eyes"

for King & Country

"Unsung Hero"

Laetitia Sam

"My Turn"


"Better Than This"

Emilia Vaughn


If you have anything you'd like to submit for instore play, go ahead and do it HERE.

almost monday
"sweet feelings"
On Hollywood Records, Inc.
The What's In-Store Music March Madness BOGO Promotion is back.

One of our most popular promotions, The What's In-Store Music BOGO deal, is back!!!!

For the month of March, submit your first song at full price and get a second submission ½ off!!! *Value added package sold separately.

*Value Added Package consists of
Instagram Post,
Facebook Campaign 45 posts,
X campaign 45 tweets,
Video of The Week feat.,
Behind The Song feat.,
4 wks. print ads in our newsletter,
Addition to our Spotify playlist.

Terms and conditions:
All submissions must be reserved and paid for in full no later than March 31st. The time frame to submit the second song expires August 31st. Any songs received after that date will no longer fall under the 50% off umbrella and a balance of $750 will be applied at the time of submission.

For More Information Contact:
Scott Emerson-310-403-4529

Want to take advantage right now? Submit your songs below:

It Takes a Village
With Mark Rosner
The Big Cheese at Big Records

Welcome to the latest installment of our feature "It Takes A Village". We use this space as an extension of conversations we have with clients who are looking for services beyond what we provide here at What's In-Store Music. This week we take a trip north of the border to introduce you to Big Records and it's owner Mark Rosner. Big Records is a Canadian based Independent label, that takes care of their artists like no other. Artists who sign a (Non-Exclusive) deal with the label are presented with a wide variety of services they can choose from, that they can tailor to meet their specific needs. From setting up an artist page, or a merch store, to sync licensing and distribution. These guys cover it all. If you can't find what you need there, you're free to explore elsewhere for it without any issue or penalty. One thing I found interesting and unique to the label. Mark holds weekly ZOOM calls with any client interested in joining. The hour-long session includes a guest speaker and useful information shared with the artists to help them maneuver the music industry in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. It's a terrific forum for artists to share their experiences and idea on what has worked for them in the past, and to get tips on what might work for them moving forward. BIG Records really does make one feel like they are part of a family.

Mark began producing music in Vancouver Canada in his early thirties.

Within a few years of learning the ins and outs of engineering and producing, working with bands and studios. He quickly became interested in "what happens after the recording". Back then, there were a lot of "gate keepers" in the industry. As he approached his 40's he decided to act upon the drive in the business side of music. It led to becoming a music manager. Success and learning the ropes led to the formation of a non-exclusive full-service record label which he believed would change the way labels operated. was formed in 2019, with that very model in mind and has since grown in leaps and bounds to become what many believe is the premiere indie label in the world.

As always, during these features, I like to ask our subject what their superpower is, what makes them great at what they do. Here's Mark's.

"In the 12 years it has taken me to build Big Records into the best indie label in the world, I would have to say that it has been several things that have made this what it is today. In no particular order it is my ability to connect people and businesses together, persistence, transparency and a love for the music!! All of this while ensuring artists agreements are fully non-exclusive".

If Big Records sounds like something you'd like to explore, use the link below to learn more.

Check out Big Records here!

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"Selfish Reasons" #13

Bailee Madison

"Kinda Fun" #45

Sofia Carson

"I Hope You Know" #48

Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist

Stella Mabry

"First Stare"

Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D.

"Heart's Desire"

Newly Added to The Dance Environment Spotify Playlist

Martial Simon & Narissa

"10 To 5"

PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miguel

"Live in Me"

It's Time to Join The Gym

At the beginning of 2024, I teased that there would be some new, exciting things coming. Here's the first one, I'm thrilled to announce that if you have an up-tempo Dance, EDM, Pop, Alternative or Latin Dance songWhat's In-Store Music is now the place to come to to get it placed and played in all the Planet Fitness gyms. With more than 2500 locations, Planet Fitness is one of the largest chains in the US and is consistently ranked by users as one of the top 5 gyms in the country year after year. Now with one click of a button, you can have your song placed front and center to be considered for overhead play in every location!!! Use the banner below this story to submit your song for Planet Fitness today!!!

Submit Your High Energy Top40, Dance, EDM, Alternative, or Latin Dance Song
Here For The Planet Fitness Playlist!

Added at Planet Fitness

Toby Gad & Victoria Justice

"Big Girls Don't Cry (Euphoria Mix)"

What's In-Store Music Artists have been heard in these fine locations!
Kelsey Hart
"Life With You"
On Curb Records
PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Stephen Voyce
"Kingdom (Dance Therapy)"

Dance Therapy is co-produced by Prodi Reign (Last Night) and Ashante’ E. Stokes and released on the Serving the Peace label.

PTtheGospelSpitter (BMI)

“We all have a purpose. Some people embrace it and some people hide from it. If you are constantly making a joyful noise, the universe has no choice but to yield that back.”

Stephen Voyce (SOCAN)

The confident Montreal-based pop-soul vocalist brings maturity and sureness to his craft. Stephen is Nigerian-Canadian.

"Lasso The Moon"
On Saint & Citizen Music
On the Move

Keep an ear out for these terrific songs playing overhead in stores everywhere.

Wyn Starks


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Video of the Week:
Quarters of Change
"Never Rains Forever"
Out & About & About & About
With Davis Mallory

Singing at the Halftime Show for the Denver Nuggets - televised performance with 4 million viewers.

DJing Amsterdam Dance Event's Soave Sessions

Singing at Milwaukee PrideFest 

Talk about hustle. What's In-Store Music client, and Lion Boy Records artist, Davis Mallory, sure gets around. The MTV Real World Denver and The Challenge alumnus doesn't stay in one place for very long. Singing at shows, DJing in clubs, and even doing the occasional TV performance, Davis has racked up his share of frequent flyer miles in pursuit of growing his musical career. At some point over the past few years, if you've been in a retail outlet, odds are pretty good that you've heard one of his songs playing overhead at some point, Including perhaps his latest infectious groove "In The Movies", which is currently enjoying 20,000 + plays a week from coast to coast. For more on this terrific artist, check out these links below.


Have a great week,

Scott Emerson