June 26th, 2024

Wuki - Sunshine (My Girl)
The Musical Gift That
Keeps on Giving!

If you own a social media account, you've heard Wuki - Sunshine (My Girl), I guarantee it. The numbers across the various platforms are impressive. The song has been used over 600K times, across social media platforms and generated over 1.5B+ views! This instantly recognizable infectious groove is the brainchild of Kris Barman (Wuki), a Denver-based DJ/Producer known for his genre-blending style. Since its release in September of 2023, Sunshine (My Girl) has garnered over 76M + Global streams and continues to grow and grow. As the summer heats up, so does this track. Over the past 16 weeks, the song has continued to pick up steam, recently garnering its highest streaming week ever on Spotify with 1.9 million streams, an increase of 5% worldwide!

What's In-Store Music is proud to play a part in this project. Since its release, we've contributed roughly 800,000+ in-store plays across 30,000 locations. Currently playing more than 23,000 a week, programmers have committed to increasing their weekly plays, based on all the information. Not only is Wuki a talented DJ/Producer, but he is also a clever content creator. He has a series called "Beats I Can't Release", you gotta check out. With all this going on there's no question, 2024 is quickly becoming the Summer of Wuki! Thanks so much to Virgin Music's Ben Friedlander and Thrive Music's Michael Cariglio for allowing us to be part of this special project.

Halston Dare
"Congratulations On Your Breakup"
What's In-Store Music
Vacation Alert

The What's In-Store Music office will be closed from Monday, July 15th through Monday, July 29th, re-opening on the 30thThe charts will be frozen on 7/22/24 and 7/29/24 and reports will be suspended for those dates as well. Both returning the following week. You can submit songs for in-store play during this time and we will ensure they are put in front of the programmers for consideration and confirmed upon our return. Thank you so much for your continued support and patience during this brief hiatus.

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This week's What's In-Store Music chart debuts.

Band of Silver

"Steady" #31


"Swimming In The Glow" #32

Sarah Reeves

"More Than Enough" #39

kenzie x ASTN

"Close To You" #41

Martial Simon

"Dreams" #44

Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist


"Long Yellow Dress"

Cris Cab

"Momma's Right"

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Added at Planet Fitness



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Menew ft. Dzeko
"Never Us"
On Nfartam, Ltd.
Kenzo Cregan

It all started with a riff and a drum beat that immediately transported you to the summertime beaches of Southern California. The next step was telling the story. Deciding whether to talk about the summertime, or think a little bit more outside the box. We decided to go with the latter. My producer and co-writer Mike Pappas and I thought it’d be a good idea to think about a past crush from our childhoods, channeling that feeling of what it meant to have them in your life. With this concept in mind, we kept the story a bit more open ended, expressing the idea of having that someone in your life, that you truly couldn’t live without. Sara doesn’t have to necessarily be a lover, but a friend, a family member, or even a person you hope to cross paths with before the end. It’s supposed to be an uplifting feeling. Because even though it’s difficult to deal with the idea of not having that person, the journey of finding them is meant to be a joyous one. Throw in some driving rhythm guitars and a bass to back this all up, and all to a sudden, “Sara” was born!

- Kenzo Cregan

Judah & the Lion
"Long Dark Night"
on Cletus the Van Records
On the Move

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"bad 4 u"





Don't Believe in Ghosts


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Video of the Week:
Alex Warren
"Carry You Home"
Liddy Clark
On Crimson Rose Records, LLC
Out & About with Emilia Vaughn

At The Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, CA on June 18, 2024

I was excited as I headed to the Hotel Café in Hollywood. I was finally getting to see one of my favorite indie clients Emilia Vaughn for the first time as part of the "Not Another Showcase", Showcase. When I arrived, it didn't take long to realize from the body language of the growing crowd outside the venue and the doorman, that something wasn't right. Sure enough, the power was out. They tried desperately to restore it for the evening's performances but to no avail. Finally, the announcement came that the evening would be canceled. Emilia may not have been able to perform that night on the mainstage with her five-piece band but that didn't mean the people who showed up and paid their money were going to be denied entertainment. Following a few minutes of behind-the-scenes negotiating the club agreed to open one bar, provided a high-top stool and some candles, and just like that, it was show time! Although it wasn't what her fans were anticipating, it turned out to be an unexpected treat. The intimacy of the situation transformed it into a wonderful evening of music enjoyed by all. The highlight for me was to hear her perform her single "Skeleton" currently at 20 on The What's In-Store Music Chart, playing more than 24,000 times a week. I need to give a big thank you and shout-out to Dani Thompson of DNT Entertainment for springing into action behind the scenes to make the performance possible and for turning us on to Emilia, to begin with.

Have a great week,

Scott Emerson