July 3rd, 2024

Wyn Starks is Having A Moment

Wyn Starks is having a moment with his song "Who I Am". It's not his first moment with this song, that was back in 2022 when his performance on America's Got Talent, drew a roaring standing ovation and brought AGT judge Sofia Vergara to tears. Though that was a huge, literal, life-changing moment for Wyn and his musical journey, this one may be even bigger. The new documentary, I AM Celine Dion, now streaming on Prime, features the song prominently.
No, not in the background, not during the closing credits, IN the movie. Not only that, but CELINE SINGS ALONG WITH IT.

"…Her therapist cues one of her favorite songs ("Who I Am" by Wyn Starks) and Dion sings along, ever the performer even in a moment like this one…" - Deadline.com

"I have no words to describe what I'm feeling. I'll be on cloud nine for the rest of my life!" shares Wyn Starks about "Who I Am" being part of I Am: Celine Dion. "It's such a full circle moment. Celine Dion has been such an inspiration to me, and her music has helped me get through so many obstacles in my life. Seeing her belt out 'Who I Am' with such strength and resilience in spite of everything she's going through will be a moment I'll never forget."

It turns out "Who I Am" didn't just move Celine or Sofia, audiences are loving it as well. The response globally has been immediate.

Streams up 300%
SHAZAMS Charting in over 50 territories.
Downloads up 4,000%
"Who I Am" iTunes Chart Position

  • Canada - #7 Overall
  • France - #21 Overall (and #1 R&B/Soul)
  • UK - #25 Overall (and #1 R&B/Soul)
  • Australia - #39 Overall (and #1 R&B/Soul)
  • US - #42 Overall (and #1 R&B/Soul)
  • Netherlands - #122 Overall
  • Germany - #183 Overall (and #6 R&B/Soul)
  • Ireland - #1 R&B/Soul

Congratulations to Wyn on this magical moment and all the success that has come with it, and congratulations to Curb Records on such a terrific artist development story with this artist. Amazing job one and all.

Dionya Marie
"Miss You So Mad"
On Billeegee Productions

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Band of Silver

"On my way to the studio to work on some of my records. I had such a heavy heart because of some of the morning news, and I thought everywhere we turn, there's chaos, pain, and destitution.

When I got to the studio I told my partner we had to write something to address this in our own way...

Within 30 min we had a full song of "Hope". There's a saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention" and that became so true with this song because it was one of the most effortless songs I've ever written and when we finished, we knew we had something so special that the entire world needed to hear and be reminded that although the world is under a spell of sorry and confusion, there's still "Hope".

Each of us can turn the despair and pain around and began to shine light in this dark world through one kind act at a time.

No matter what your situation is.. There is 'Hope'"

- Alya

Pyro Tiger
On the Move

Keep an ear out for this terrific song playing overhead in stores everywhere.

Charli Lark

"Walking On A Dream"

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Video of the Week:
Don't Believe In Ghosts
Lauren Daigle
"Be Okay"
On Atlantic/Centricity
Out & About with Remy Reilly

The Hotel Café in Hollywood, CA on June 19th

Finally! I've been following this girl's career for five years now, watching it take off, and finally, I was going to see her perform live. Having driven all the way from Dallas Texas to be here, Remy Reilly took the stage at 9 PM at The Hotel Café in Hollywood. It was only a few bars in of her first song, that's all it took before she had command of the entire room. Remy had a sweet, relaxed way with the audience, telling stories that perfectly introduced the songs. She has a lot of terrific original music with relevant/relatable themes and clever covers that received a great reaction from the crowd. One of the highlights of the evening was her new single "Yes Man" which is out now and available anywhere you get your music. I can't say enough good things about her performance. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, and it's been a while since I've been able to say that. Her home base is the Dallas area, so you can catch her live just about every week there somewhere. This girl is a must-see. If she comes to a town near you, make the time, buy the ticket and go! Bick thank you to her manager/dad, my dear friend and fellow A&M Records Alumni, for delivering her to the gig on time.

Have a great week,

Scott Emerson