July 17th, 2024

Can You Believe It’s Almost That Time?

I'm sure you've noticed before. You've said it out loud when walking into a store, "I can't believe they have (insert the holiday) stuff out already! Before retailers move all the new merchandise in, they make room and move the old stuff out. That's what's happening right now at retail. Enormous clearance sales are going on to make room for Back to School and before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. What's In-Store Music is preparing for all these things as well. In the next few weeks, we will be rolling out details and calendar reminders to write down for the 9th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Program. But let's not worry about all that today. Right now, it's time to hit the mall and buy that summer outfit for 70% off, shazam a few songs, and enjoy the rest of your summer! If you have something new, you'd like to submit you can do that HERE!

"Unsung Hero"
On Curb Records

This week's What's In-Store Music chart debuts.

Pyro Tiger

"Honest" #7

Menew ft. Dzeko

"Never Us" #11

Halston Dare

"Congratulations On Your Breakup" #22

Alex Warren

"Carry You Home" #27

James Robert Webb

"Ride Or Die" #47



The Dance Environment Debuts

This week's What's In-Store Music Dance Environment chart debuts.

Pyro Tiger

"Honest" #1

Menew ft. Dzeko

"Never Us" #2



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Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist


"Swimming In The Glow"


"bad 4 u"

Newly Added to The Dance Environment Spotify Playlist

Davis Mallory

"Go See A Doctor"


"Reckless (Sean Finn Remix)"

What's In-Store Music has added a new Spotify playlist called What's In-Store Music Hits The Gym. It features the fantastic artists and songs placed in the Planet Fitness program. Please enjoy responsibly.

Newly Added to The Hit The Gym Spotify Playlist




"Sunshine (My Girl)"

Judah & the Lion
"Long Dark Night"
On Cletus the Van Records
What's In-Store Music Artists have been heard in these fine locations!

Submit Your High Energy Top40, Dance, EDM, Alternative, or Latin Dance Song
Here For The Planet Fitness Playlist!

"better than this"

"Our new single 'better than this' is a feel-good pop rock song telling the story of a not feel-good situation. When writing the song, we were talking about the struggles in our own lives and how so many other people deal with those same struggles every day too – such as making ends meet, paying ever-increasing rent, mental health, work pressures, etc. Sometimes it’s all just overwhelming and it feels like there’s no end in sight. Instead of taking the song down a darker route melodically, we wanted to flip it on its head and make it this fun, high-energy track so that everyone can just let it all go. The lyrics might be saying one thing, but the way the music moves just makes you feel this other way, so it’s almost like this chance to just “dance it out” and try to feel good in the moment. Trying to make something positive out of something that doesn’t feel so positive. We had a lot of fun making this song and just really let the music lead us where it ended up."

- senses

Liddy Clark
On Crimson Rose Records, LLC
On the Move

Keep an ear out for these terrific songs playing overhead in stores everywhere.

Kartik Kuna ft. L-FRESH the LION


Jeremy Parsons

"Things To Come"

Max Rae

"Keep You Waiting"



Juliana Hale

"Cry My Summer Away"

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Video of the Week:
Atomic Tom
Bella Rios
"Walking In The Rain"
On Croshal Entertainment Group LLC
Out & About with Andy Grammer

at The Sun Rose in Hollywood, CA on July 9, 2024

On hand for the performance, were L-R: iHeart's Allie Gold, Hollywood Records DJ Ennis and Jeff Marks, iHeart's John Peake, RAMP's Steve Resnick, Andy Grammer, KHTI - Riverside Program Director Sabrina Ruiz, and yours truly.

This week's Out & About we were treated to a special intimate acoustic performance from S-Curve recording artist, Andy Grammer! The show at The Sun Rose, in West Hollywood was a chance for this incredible talent to perform songs from his forthcoming album, Monster along with some crowd favorites. The new music is a bit of a departure from his usual, life is great style, touching on topics he hasn't previously explored musically, and the results were incredible. I truly believe I heard some of his best music yet. These new songs will please longtime Andy Grammer fans and Sheppard in a whole new audience who can relate to this new direction. be sure to keep an ear out for his latest release from the record "I DO" which drops in a few weeks on 8/2. Big thank you to DJ Ennis from Hollywood Records for inviting me to this incredible event.

Have a great week,

Scott Emerson