February 28th, 2024

What's In-Store Music & Rockbot
Partner to Promote Your Music
at Planet Fitness

What’s In-Store Music would like to introduce you to Rockbot, a company we will be working with to help promote your music in a new and exciting way. Rockbot. a smart media platform that combines a variety of services to create a unique and individual in-location experience for businesses. Among their services are music, audio branding, digital signage, TV, and our favorite Rockbot Request, which lets guests be the DJ. That’s right, the guests can be the DJ. How does that work? Well, it begins with the Rockbot APP. When you download the app you unlock the ability to request songs in thousands of participating retail locations across the country. One of those many participating businesses is Planet Fitness.

Last week we announced the exciting news that you can now submit your high-energy Top 40, Dance, EDM, Alternative, or Latin song with us to be added to the exclusive Planet Fitness playlist(s). Add the Rockbot app to that equation and now your fans can request YOUR SONG while working out in the more than 2500 Planet Fitness locations across the country. That’s great news by itself. But wait, it gets better. The more your song is requested, the more often it will begin to play in locations from coast to coast.

Once you get your song placed at Planet Fitness with What’s In-Store Music, encourage your fanbase to download and use the Rockbot APP through your social media platforms.

Now for the first time, you can directly help in the promotion of your music through in-store play. The more you promote your song and the APP, the more you can expose your music to new fans. This will be the first of many opportunities we will be unveiling through this new and exciting platform. Keep an eye out right here for more to come.

Use the banner below to download the app from the Apple App Store or to get it on Google Play.

The What's In-Store Music March Madness BOGO Promotion is back.

One of our most popular promotions, The What's In-Store Music BOGO deal, is back!!!!

For the month of March, submit your first song at full price and get a second submission ½ off!!! *Value added package sold separately.

*Value Added Package consists of
Instagram Post,
Facebook Campaign 45 posts,
X campaign 45 tweets,
Video of The Week feat.,
Behind The Song feat.,
4 wks. print ads in our newsletter,
Addition to our Spotify playlist.

Terms and conditions:
All submissions must be reserved and paid for in full no later than March 31st. The time frame to submit the second song expires August 31st. Any songs received after that date will no longer fall under the 50% off umbrella and a balance of $750 will be applied at the time of submission.

For More Information Contact:
Scott Emerson-310-403-4529

Want to take advantage right now? Submit your songs below:

Sasha Anne
"Looking For Fun"
On Tazmania Records

David Kushner

"Skin And Bones" #36


"Lasso The Moon" #50

Quarters of Change

"Tightrope" #57

Davis Mallory

"In The Movies" #60

The Dance Environment Debuts

Davis Mallory

"In The Movies" #18

Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist

Laetitia Sam

"My Turn"


"Selfish Reason"

Moonlight Jones
"Hot Night"
On Concore Entertainment
What's In-Store Music Artists have been heard in these fine locations!
Stella Mabry
"First Stare"

"I was walking my dog and listening to Taylor Swift when I got the idea for First Stare. It was actually some of Taylor‘s earlier music that inspired it because she wrote a lot about young love, and then the beat came to me causing me to actually have to run home so that I could get the idea on paper. First Stare is about love at first sight, the kind of luck where you see somebody and you immediately know that you love them. The emotions in this song surround that innocent kind of love where you immediately question if that person is meant for you. The song also surrounds the feeling of seeing your future in that person's eyes. While I have not felt that kind of connection with someone, it makes you realize that when you first have that connection, you know that your love is real."
- Stella Mabry

Elysia Marie
"I Ain't Mad"
On the Move

Keep an ear out for these terrific songs playing overhead in stores everywhere.


"better than this"

PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel

"Live in Me"


"Never Rains Forever"

A.D.A.M. Music Project

"Free To Be Me"

PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Stephen Voyce

"Kingdom (Dance Therapy)"

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Video of the Week:
Max Rae
HARIZ ft. Andi
"Without You"
On Prosperous Enterprises
Out & About
With The Immediate Family

February 13th, 2024
at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA

I walked into The Mint on that brisk Tuesday night and the place was already packed. The night's headliner wouldn't be on for another hour and a half, but the crowd had already filed in and gotten themselves in place in anticipation of what was to come. Music fans of all ages were there to see Waddy Wachtel, Danny Kortchmar, Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, and Steve Postell, collectively known as The Immediate Family. In the 70's you could barely pick up an album and scan the liners without reading one or many of their names together alongside some of the most iconic artists of the time. Carole King, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Warren Zevon, and Linda Ronstadt to name a few. These guys recorded and toured with all of them and still do. As a matter of fact, Waddy Wachtel was absent from the show because as the guys put it, "he was off doing his day job", which is currently performing on tour with Stevie Nicks. Special guest Elliot Easton from The Cars filled in on guitar and vocals and handled the duties like a champ. The set was filled with classic hits that the guys had either written and or played on including:

Honey don't leave LA (James Taylor)
Somebody's Baby (Jackson Browne)
Just What I Needed (The Cars)
Dirty Laundry (Don Henley)
New York Minute (Don Henley)
Let The Good Times Roll (The Cars)
Tender Is The Night (Jackson Browne)
Who's Gonna Drive You Home? (The Cars)
All She Wants To Do Is Dance (Don Henley)

Sprinkled in, among all the classics were some terrific new songs from their recently released album, Skin in The Game, available on Quarto Valley Records. Highlights from the new record were the lead track "Whole Lotta Rock And Roll" and my personal favorite 24/7/365, co-written by Kortchmar and Stan Lynch from the Heartbreakers. It was a great night of music from start to finish. Big thanks to Fred Croshal from Croshal Entertainment Group for inviting me to this amazing show.

Have a great week,

Scott Emerson