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On Ultra Records
It Takes a Village with Steven Nathan and Mindful Music Promotion

This installment of It Takes a Village is a special one for me. I've known Steven Nathan for the better of a decade, less through his work in the music industry and more so as the frontman for New York-based indie alt/rock band, Don't Believe In Ghosts. I've worked closely with Steven and the band on several occasions, promoting his music through In-Store play with What's In-Store Music, and I'm pleased to say, and I know he would agree, we've had great success together. Not only have their songs been played overhead in stores they've also been featured in multiple TV shows and across radio. That's the musician side of the man, now let's talk about his industry side and how he may be able to help you.

Steven began his career at In De Goot Entertainment and played a significant role in breaking multiple successful bands, including Shinedown, Chevelle, Halestorm, and others.

After his time at In De Goot Entertainment, Steven transitioned to working as an indie promoter as well as working with Imagen Records, where he ran the radio department.

Currently, he's the owner of Mindful Music Promotion, a promotion company specializing in new media music promotion. Mindful Music Promotion focuses on various aspects of music promotion, including playlisting, influencer marketing, social media promotion, and radio promotion.

When you combine Steven's promotional work with his own experience as a musician, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone with a deeper understanding of how the industry works and how to maneuver the ins and outs of it, to give you the best opportunity for success.

For each It Takes a Village feature, I like to ask, what's your superpower? What makes you great at what you do?

"My superpower is embracing change and looking for the potential in new technologies to help create explosive opportunities for new and established artists."

"I think what makes me good at what I do is my ability to stay open-minded and keep learning. Being experienced on both sides of the business likely also gives me a nice big-picture view of things."


Micah McLaurin

"MOONS" #3

The Mark Williams

"Cheryl (A sweet & Tender Girl)" #49

Max Rae

"Tattoo" #53

Sasha Prendes

"Shake This" #54

Kelsey Hart

"Life Without You" #57

Karin Ann

"a stranger with my face" #58

Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist

A Second Life

"10 minutes to you"

Laura Bryna


From the Album
"a beautiful blur (deluxe)"
on Lakeside Entertainment
What's In-Store Music Artists have been heard in these fine locations!
HARIZ ft. Andi
"Without You"

"This song really lives two lives- I started writing the song a few months after breaking up with my ex. It was a challenging time learning to be by myself again, but in a moment of clarity I realized I wasn't just okay, I was actually doing better without her. It inspired me to write an anthem celebrating the independence from someone you once thought you couldn't live without. But, as time passed, the song evolved, it began to symbolize a broader liberation-from bad habits, negative thoughts, and all the things that used to drag me down. 'Without You' is more than a personal narrative; it's a universal declaration for anyone burdened by their own struggles. It's a defiant proclamation: "I'm doing better without you!" This song is an empowering reminder that sometimes, what we leave behind is what lets us move forward."

Micah McLauren
On Casa Doce Music
On the Move

Keep an ear out for these terrific songs playing overhead in stores everywhere.


"Lasso The Moon"

Alexander James Rodriguez

"Ride Or Die"

Stella Mabry

"First Stare"

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Video of the Week:
Sasha Prendes
"Shake This"
Finish Ticket
On Better Noise Music
Out & About
With The Eagles
The Long Goodbye Tour

January 5th, 2024
at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles

To call it an amazing evening of music would be an understatement. Friday night, January 5th marked the first of a four-night stand for The Eagles. This would be the last time The California-based country-rock outfit would play, what they referred to as their "Home Field", as part of The Long Goodbye Tour. They opened the show acapella with "Seven Bridges Road", then went directly into "Take It Easy". From that moment on they had the sold-out crowd eating out of the palm of their hands. Unlike just about every other act their age on the road today, the guys sang their harmonies flawlessly, in the same octave we all recognize from their albums. Steely Dan opened the show masterfully, and between the two bands, the audience knew EVERY SINGLE SONG played throughout the evening. Quite simply put, this is one of the best shows on the road today. It's too bad, it's all coming to an end.

Have a great week,

Scott Emerson