April 17th, 2024

April Showers Bring May Flowers…

What do May flowers bring? Pilgrims of course! But that's got nothing to do with this story. This story is about getting your song heard in stores. To be more specific, it's about getting your songs playing overhead in stores as everyone gets ready for graduations and summer vacations. People are out everywhere, eating, drinking, shopping, vacationing, and will be for the next several months as the warm weather takes over. If you've got a song you'd like to have playing overhead in stores this summer, now is a great time to get it to What's In-Store Music.

Kelvin Frazier, Ph.D
"Heart's Desire"
Newly Added to The What's In-Store Music Spotify Playlist

Rodney Atkins

"Take A Back Road"



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What's In-Store Music Artists have been heard in these fine locations!

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"Selfish Reason"
Angela Predhomme
"Alive and Free"

"The song 'Alive and Free' has a cool backstory. I wrote this based on the way I felt flying out of San Luis Obispo, CA after a wonderful trip to the west coast. I felt like I was on top of the world, having just connected with true, longtime friends in the area after a music industry event. I felt so alive and inspired. Then, to really develop the song, I drew from Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' In this classic comedy, there are happy, mischievous fairies influencing and controlling the fate of the mortals. 'Alive and Free' is written from the perspective of the fairies, expect here, I'm not controlling anyone's fate but my own. 'Over the clouds, this life belongs to me.'"

- Angela Predhomme

"Brain Damage"
On Hollywood Records, Inc.
On the Move

Keep an ear out for these terrific songs playing overhead in stores everywhere.

Nick Kent

"State of Mind"

We Are Messengers

"God Be The Glory"


"Victim (Oliver Nelson Remix)"

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Video of the Week:
VXXK, Bailey Jehl
"To The Ceiling"
Emilia Vaughn
Out & About with senses
Across America

For this Week's Out and About we follow alt/rock duo, senses from the road, as they wrap up their direct support duties for Charlotte Sands on her "Can We Start Over" tour. Very few make hard work look as much fun as this band does when they take the stage, firing up audiences and gaining new fans in every city they visit. The show covered a lot of the country, and the band left it all on stage every single night. The current single senses are focusing on is "BETTER THAN THIS" which could not only be heard at the shows but is also playing thousands of times a week overhead in retailers everywhere. Keep an ear out for it. Thanks to Dan Pearson and the folks at Lakeside Entertainment for introducing us to this terrific young band.

Have a great week,

Scott Emerson